Using Home Automation to Prepare Your Home for Winter

Have you heard? Winter is coming! As we rapidly lose daylight, it’s time to take into consideration how you can prepare your home for the colder months. With the colder weather comes higher energy bills, frozen key holes, and the need for more exterior lighting as you come and go throughout the day. Schmidt Security offers a variety of home automation solutions that can be added to your home that put you in control of your lights, door locks, and thermostat from anywhere with our smartphone app.

Light Automation – When you add light automation to your home, you will be able to create custom schedules for controlling the lights at specific times of day, when your alarm system has been armed or disarmed, or when specified motion sensors are activated. You will be able to access the lights in your home remotely at any time from the convenience of your security automation

Door Locks – With automated door locks, you no longer have to worry about who has access to your home. You will be able to remotely control your door locks and allow entry to only those who are authorized. With automated locks, you are able to create access codes for each member of your household and no longer have to worry about losing your keys or being locked out of your house because of a frozen key hole.

Thermostat Control – With automated thermostats, you are in control of the comfort of your home.  Creating custom schedules to save energy while you are away from home is a breeze and can be triggered by time, temperature, or even your location. This can include when your thermostat turns on/off or when the designated temperature has fallen out of range.

With our home automation solutions, your home can be more safe and comfortable than ever before.

To discuss adding light automation, thermostat control, or automated door locks call Schmidt Security today (419)526-4747.