Upgrade to High Definition Video Today

Do you own a small business and have been on the fence regarding upgrading to today’s High Definition (HD) IP-based Video Systems?  Perhaps you feel that you will not utilize all of the features available on today’s IP Video System platforms, but you know that those blurry images you’re receiving are not going to cut it if the need arises to review your video recordings.  Schmidt Security is proud to announce the availability of true 1080p High Definition Cameras, HD Recorders, and HD Monitors.  This new High Definition technology offers a logical upgrade path for small businesses that have less than 16 cameras deployed but still want the remote interactivity available on IP-based High Definition Video Systems.  You will experience live 1080p video streams from all of your cameras, both interior and exterior, from your PC, tablet, or smart-phone from anywhere that has internet connectivity.  What’s even more exciting is that in most situations the existing cabling infrastructure that is currently in use by your analog CCTV system can be tested and re-used to reduce upgrade costs.  For more information on this great solution please contact your security specialist at 419-526-4747 or request more information through our form below!