Upgrade to Interactive Security

Schmidt Security Pro Interactive Security

Why upgrade to interactive security?

Interactive security alarm systems are more reliable and user friendly than traditional security alarm systems and oftentimes a traditional system can be upgraded in just a few easy steps.  Once upgraded, the new interactive security system will include many easy-to-use features that will help you have better control and management of your alarm system.  By using the alarm system app from a smartphone, tablet, or web-enabled computer, users can do the following from anywhere:

  • Check the current system and sensor status
  • Remotely arm and disarm the system
  • Manage and control user codes
  • Receive real-time notifications or alerts
  • Set location-based or scheduled system reminders
  • View system history and event log

Upgrading to interactive security allows your system to be customized in ways to fit your specific lifestyle, and the cellular communication is more reliable than a traditional system using phone lines.  By using cellular signaling, the system sends a pre-alarm signal at the first sign of changing conditions. This feature makes sure that an alarm signal will be received and responded to even if the system equipment becomes damaged. You can also be notified of system troubles, such as low sensor batteries or sensor issues, that may occur, which allows you to be more proactive in ensuring that your system is ready and working correctly.

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