Upgrade to Interactive Home Security Today

Interactive home security systems are more reliable and more secure than traditional security systems.  Using Alarm.com’s patented technology, Schmidt Security Pro’s Interactive home security systems use secure wireless communications combined with tamper resistant technology to ensure that your home will stay protected.

Secure Communication

No land line is needed for communication, which provides you with uninterrupted protection even if your phone line, internet, or power is out.  Not only will your home stay protected, but you will receive critical security messages informing you of the changes to your home’s systems.  Unlike traditional systems that only alert you if there is an alarm, you will receive alerts for what is happening at your home – whether it is armed or not.  Also, with our free mobile app you can check in on your home at anytime or arm or disarm your system from anywhere.


Crash and Smash technology ensures that your system works even if the panel is damaged before it can send an alarm signal.  Unlike traditional systems that require a time-out prior to transmitting alarm signals, a pre-alarm signal is transmitted at the earliest sign of changing conditions.  If no disarm command is received, the pre-alarm signal is treated like an alarm condition even if the panel or other communication equipment is damaged.

Personalized User Codes

With an Interactive home security system, you can easily manage your systems user codes.  Create different access codes for members of your family and visitors, and receive real-time updates on who is coming and going and who armed and disarmed the system.  You can easily enable or disable user codes at any time from any where.

Emergency Monitoring

Always connected smoke detectors immediately signals the monitoring station when a fire is detected, so you can be confident that your home will be responded to even if you are not there to call for help.  You’ll also receive instant alerts of what is happening at home so you’ll be aware no matter where you are.  In addition to smoke detectors, you can be notified of CO monitoring along with flood monitoring.

Is it time to upgrade to Interactive Home Security? If the answer is yes or you would like more information contact Schmidt Security Pro today at 419.526.4747 or toll free at 1.800.526.4747, or simply request more information from our website www.schmidtsecurity.com.