Security Officers: More Than Just Guards

As companies continue to entertain options for becoming more lean and efficient, the role of our unarmed security officers has expanded beyond traditional responsibilities.  Many of our security officers are “adopted” into their permanent posts and enjoy great working relationships with our clients and their customers.  Bridging the gap between security guard and valued team member, our security officers play an important and growing role in the day-to-day operations of many businesses.  Aside from the obvious skill sets and tasks that are commonly requested on the security side of a post’s responsibilities, our officers can also play an important role in:

  • Facilities maintenance coordination and reporting
  • Shipping and receiving functions
  • Switchboard operation
  • Fire watch and special details
  • Employee shift-change operations
  • Monthly fire and life safety inspection documentation and reporting

We are committed to employee training and development and “screen in” the best candidate according to each specific post’s requirements.  For example, your organization may believe you are in the market for a new greeter, shipping/receiving controlling clerk, or switchboard operator – when you might really be in the market for a Schmidt Security Pro Security Officer.  Learn more about our officer recruitment, selection, and training by visiting our website at and find out how Schmidt Security Pro can support your business operations.