Safe Security Cameras for Your Home

Connected security cameras are a great feature to add to your home. Whether you’re checking in to make sure the kids got home from school or what the dogs are up to during the day, it’s always nice to have peace of mind. But what is the difference between cameras from a security provider and the ones you buy at the store?

Here are a few key features and need to know information we’ve gathered from our partners:


1: There’s no monitoring service

Imagine that there’s a burglary at your house while you’re out. Your standalone camera will capture the footage and alert you in real time! But what if you’re out at dinner, or in the gym? Or taking a nap on vacation? Or on a plane? Even if you spot the alert within a few minutes, it’s too late.

That’s why real security cameras are connected to a security system which connects in turn to a 24/7 monitoring station. In the event of a burglary, trained security professionals assess the situation and can call the police. Meanwhile, the camera will automatically capture and securely store footage of what happened in the cloud.

2: The camera is too vulnerable

If your camera is badly positioned and easily unplugged, it’s not a security camera.

Installation makes a huge difference. A security camera installed by a professional can be mounted on a high wall or even out of sight. Positioning a camera in just the right place, to capture a broad range of activity, is critical.

A security camera typically minimizes its power supply’s vulnerability with tamper-resistant features such as in-wall wiring or battery power. Others include water and ice-resistant protection for use outdoors – after all, that’s where burglaries start.

3: It doesn’t understand what’s happening

Security isn’t just about catching something bad – it’s about peace of mind. True security cameras, as part of a smart home security system, enhance it.

Part of this includes minimizing false video alerts by understanding context.

An security camera has access to the context of the entire security system. It knows your arming status, door and window status. It knows if your smart lock is open, and who opened it.


Remembering these key features when looking for security cameras will help with choosing ones that are right for your home and family. It can also help in the long run if someone does attempt to break into your home. If you would like to learn more about our cameras and other security features provided please call us at (419)526-4747. Our Security Specialists are always happy to give free quotes and help you choose what will work best for you.


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