Residential Smoke Detection

Fire Alarm Installation Mt Vernon, OH

In your home, an important part of your security system can be environmental security sensors. Monitored smoke sensors in particular, can be very important, and adding them to your security system allows you to detect a fire as soon as possible and reduce the possible damages.

Non-monitored smoke sensors set off an alarm when smoke is recognized, but if no one is home to hear the alarm, the response to the fire can be delayed, often after much damage is already done. Our monitored smoke sensors are effective whether you’re home or not. We provide 24-hour monitoring, and when our sensors recognize smoke, they set off your whole-system alarm. The system also automatically reports the alarm to our monitoring team, allowing us to notify you of the event while dispatching the fire department to respond.

Heavy sleepers often do not wake up when their smoke sensors sound, but with our system, the same siren that notifies you of a break-in will notify you of smoke and fire. This siren is much louder than a non-monitored smoke sensor’s. If you are not home, you can be notified of a fire with a text or push notification, the same way you are notified of a break-in or other security breach. If you are at home and a fire occurs, you can focus on getting children and pets out of the house while our monitoring team contacts the fire department. Whether your security system is armed or disarmed, the smoke and fire sensors are always active and working for you.

You can choose a wireless system, a hardwired system, or hardwired system with a monitoring module to use with compatible existing sensors.

If you already have smoke sensors that are interconnected and use the temporal three pattern, our monitoring module can be installed to add these sensors to your system.  This module is placed six inches from a smoke sensor and recognizes when any of your existing smoke sensors sound. When a smoke sensor goes into alarm,  this module will trigger the whole-system siren.

We work hard to protect you and your home and provide peace of mind for your family. Fire and smoke sensors add an important piece of security to your system. For more information please call our office 1-866-526-4747 to talk with a system consultant and learn more.