Ever wonder what happens at your house while you’re at work? Do the kids get home from school before you? Do you have someone let your pets out while you’re at gone?

At Schmidt Security we could name 100 reasons why everyone should monitor their homes. Here’s how our mobile app ran by can help:


Door Alarm Codes:

Never worry about who has a key to your home again. With our mobile app you can set a code for each person coming into your home. You can set alerts for codes being used so you always know who is coming and going. will instantly send you a notification notifying you that the door was open and with the code used.


Forgetting to Alarm:

Sometimes we rush and forget to alarm our system or shut the garage door. Through Geo Services you will be alerted. You can then alarm your home or shut your garage door right from your phone.


Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff:

Schmidt Security wants to make sure you have the easiest way to keep everything in your home monitored. From guests changing the thermostat to kids leaving fridge doors open, Contact Sensors will catch it all. Worried about leaving town? You can also turn lights on and off to make it seem like you’re home.

What’s outside?

Want to know when your packages are delivered? Using an Image Sensor on your porch can trigger any activity. You will immediately receive a screenshot whenever a motion is detected at the door. This setting can be controlled to keep from getting screenshots of squirrels and birds.


Something Serious:

We can’t forget about the main reasons we have alarm systems – to protect our families from immediate danger such as a break in, carbon monoxide leak, or fire. Our 24/7 response team is always on your side and here to keep you safe.  Through our mobile app we’ve got you covered.

Safe. Secure. Schmidt.

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