Know How to Turn Your Alarm System Off

Please be considerate of the Police and Fire personnel who have raced across town because you can’t turn off your alarm system.

Know your security code so it’s easy to cancel an alarm.

Select an easy-to-remember code and password. Keep them in a safe, accessible place, but not on your main control panel.

Have your system programmed with a delay time that is sufficient for you to enter the premise and disarm it at the nearest touch pad. When determining the delay time consider normal interruptions that may slow your pace, such as setting down groceries or answering the phone.

Know how to cancel an alarm, and take the time to cancel an accidentally caused alarm. If you can’t cancel an alarm in time, please be considerate of the police and fire officials who have raced across town.

Establish routines for activating and deactivating your security system, and make evryone who uses yor system take responsibility for its proper use.

hanging signs, balloons, and posters can move about and, perhaps, cause a false alarm. If they must be hung, they should be out of the motion detection range.

Deactivate your system or make other arrangements for service people who need access to your premise.

When on vacation, give your security code and password to a trusted friend, family member or neighbor in case of an emergency – and again, train them!