Introducing Belle™

Introducing Belle™

The Belle™ mobile personal Emergency Response System (ERS) is easy to use, access, and charge and provides a better sense of self-reliance to the elderly or disabled.  Belle™ works outside of the home in any area in the United States with AT&T 3G coverage.  It is a shower-safe device with a rechargeable battery that can last up to 30 days per charge. Belle device

Belle™ has a built-in two-way voice technology, and with the press of a button, a person can be connected with a certified emergency care specialist from our UL-Listed emergency monitoring.  Medical help or loved ones can then be sent to the aid of the user.  Belle™ is beneficial to elderly or disabled people living alone or without constant access to physical help.  Families often cannot spend as much time as they would like with an elderly family member, and Belle™ can help families to feel more comfortable leaving their loved ones.  Additionally, it can help the elderly or disabled person to know that they are not without help even when alone.

belle imageBenefits of Belle™:

  • For the elderly and disabled, help can be received when needed
  • Safety and comfort can be provided to those living or staying alone
  • Those who may have elderly or disabled loved ones can live worry-free

We offer a free in-home demonstration so that our clients can see how Belle™ works. You can also watch a short v​ideo t​o learn more.

Call us today 866.526.4747 and find out if Belle™ is right for you!

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