Home Video Systems Work!

As you may have noticed, a recent news story regarding a residential burglary in Shiloh was going viral locally when a home owner who was using a residential video security system posted the video and images on Facebook. It didn’t take long for the video to make its way through social media and ultimately provide law enforcement with enough information to apprehend the suspect. You can read more on the story here. One thing we can all agree on is that without the video of the event the homeowner would likely still be without answers or peace-of-mind related to the incident.

G4-CVIAD20The truth is, having a home video security system to verify suspicious activity and provide video verification to law enforcement of illegal activity has seemed out of reach for most home owners. Often times video security systems that can produce High-Definition image quality can cost thousands of dollars and offer features that are more suitable for mid-sized commercial applications. Because of this, homeowners looking for video security solutions often turn to big-box stores to pick up low-quality camera kits with little or no local expert support or technical information available.

Recognizing this void, Schmidt Security Pro is committed to provide entry-level video security solutions featuring High-Definition (720p or 1080p) cameras, in 4 or 8 camera configurations, including a digital recorder, power supply, and pre-made cables, all in a simple to understand kit. Easy to install and set-up, these video systems quickly connect to your home network to allow remote viewing and management of the system, allowing you to look-in and check on things around the house or to verify suspected emergency situations through the included iPhone or iPad app, while providing constant or motion-based recording of each camera, stored on the recorder at the home.Mini_1U_web

If you are interested in learning more about these video security solution packages we invite you to stop in to our Security Showroom where you can learn more about the configuration options and view a live demonstration system that is up and running. You can see for yourself that residential video security systems featuring High-Definition cameras and affordable pricing are available and supported locally by your trusted security provider, Schmidt Security Pro.