Fireworks Safety Tips

July 4th is just around the corner, and it’s important to remember the potential dangers associated with consumer use of fireworks.  The National Fire Protection Association releases a fireworks safety sheet which includes such information as:

  • If you want to see fireworks, go to a public show put on by experts
  • Do not use consumer fireworks
  • Keep a close eye on children at events where fireworks are used
  • In 2011, almost 18,000 fires were started with fireworks
  • Sparklers cause 16% of fireworks injuries

Special attention should be paid to children and sparklers.  The NFPA recommends that consumers do not use fireworks which include sparklers and firecrackers.  Why? Sparklers burn hot enough to cause third degree burns, and children are the most common users.

  • Water boils at 212 degrees F
  • Cakes bake at 350 degrees F
  • Wood burns at 575 degrees F
  • Glass melts at 900 degrees F

So remember, if you would like to enjoy fireworks this July 4th, leave it to the experts and attend a professional show.  The full safety information sheet can be viewed at and more information is available at

Safe. Secure. Schmidt.