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Protect Your Vacation Home With Smart Security

If you own a vacation home, you know that even your “happy place” comes with a worry or two. After all, you’ve worked hard for your piece of paradise, whether it’s a quiet cabin on the lake, a cottage on the beach or a condo in a mountain town. It[…]

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Are You Using Geo-Services Yet?


Using Geo-Services with your interactive security system unlocks the power of location automation.  When you activate Geo-Services through your smartphone app, your phone effectively becomes an intelligent connected device for your system. By tapping into the real-time location services on your smartphone, you can automate: Reminders when you leave your[…]

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Interactive Security: Status and Arming

interactive security

Interactive security systems offer peace of mind and convenience.  Have you ever left your home and then wondered if you armed your security system?  You can remember doing it, but you do it every day…was that today or yesterday you’re remembering? With an interactive security system you never have to[…]

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Upgrade to Interactive Security

Schmidt Security Pro Interactive Security

Why upgrade to interactive security? Interactive security alarm systems are more reliable and user friendly than traditional security alarm systems and oftentimes a traditional system can be upgraded in just a few easy steps.  Once upgraded, the new interactive security system will include many easy-to-use features that will help you[…]

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Introducing Belle™

Introducing Belle™ The Belle™ mobile personal Emergency Response System (ERS) is easy to use, access, and charge and provides a better sense of self-reliance to the elderly or disabled.  Belle™ works outside of the home in any area in the United States with AT&T 3G coverage.  It is a shower-safe[…]

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